The Meeting scientific program deals with the various areas where carbohydrates are used as raw materials. Their utility as scaffolds for the development of new drugs and as synthons for a diversity of basic chemicals will be demonstrated. The latest findings on vaccines, detergency and cosmetics, food and agrochemicals based on carbohydrates will be reported. In addition, sessions will be dedicated to carbohydrate technologies which include catalytic processes, phytoremediation and plant engineering for the production of improved materials, for example fibres and paper. Also aspects related to biotechnological processes and bioenergy from carbohydrates will be focused. Contributions on carbohydrates as raw materials for the following themes are welcome:

  • Food
  • Detergency and cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemicals
  • Fibres and paper
  • Synthesis and catalysis
  • Materials and Processes
  • Biotechnology

The Meeting schedules 30 lectures, 12 oral communications and one poster session.


The following speakers have accepted to deliver a lecture at this meeting related to the indicated topic:

Invited Speaker

Lecture / Affiliation / Country

 Opening Lecture
 Serge Pérez

“Back to the Biofuture”,
CERMAV / France

 Alberto Marra "Calixarene-based glycoside clusters as potential antiviral drugs", Ferrara / Italy

 Andre Striegel

"Influence of anomeric configuration and glycosidic linkage on the solution conformational entropy of oligosaccharides”, Florida State University / USA

 B. Mario Pinto "Back to my roots: Candidates for the treatment of type 2 diabetes from a herbal remedy ", Burnaby /Canada
 Carmen Ortiz "Difructose dianhydrides-enriched caramels: Prebiotic and nutraceutical properties", Sevilla / Spain

 Cees Bruggink

Carbohydrate-analysis: Liquid chromatography to solve a Challenge”, Dionex / USA

 Charles Portella

“From hemicellulose-derived pentoses to multifunctional building blocks”, Université de Reims / France

 Daniel Samain “Polysaccharides transformation: New processes and technologies”, CERMAV / France
 Dulcineia Ferreira "How carbohydrate research supports local agro-food production" / ESAV / Portugal

 Françoise Quignard

“Marine polysaccharides aerogels: materials for catalysis and adsorption”, École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Montpellier / France

 Károly Ágoston "Commercialization models of potential glycoproducts", Glycom A/S / Denmark

 Hans Peter Wessel

“Carbohydrates and pharmaceutical industry“,   
F. Hoffman-La Roche / Switzerland

 Henrique Amorim

“Carbohydrates for ethanol and distilled beverages”, Fermentec / Brazil

 João Paulo Leal Carbohydrates and Radiation: Together they work” / DQB-FCUL / Portugal

 Johannes Vliegenthart

“Studies on the structure of polysaccharides”,
Utrecht University / The Netherlands

Jose M. Garcia Fernandez "Cyclodextrins in nanomedicine: Rational design of drug delivery systems, gene vectors and antitoxins", Sevilla / Spain

 Juan Galbis

“New biodegradable and functional polymers from easily available sugars”, Universidad de Sevilla / Spain

 Luís San Miguel Bento “Advantages in processing white sugar when sugar factories are associated with an ethanol plant” / Sucropedia / Portugal
 Manuel A. Coimbra "Olive pomace biorefinery – contribution of    polysaccharides", Aveiro / Portugal

 Matthias Moser

“Sucrose–a prospering and sustainable organic raw material”, Südzucker / Germany

 Michel Philippe

“Green Chemistry for Sustainable Development at L’OREAL :Synthesis of new C-Glycosides of large interest in cosmetics”, L'Oréal / France

 Patrick Fuertes Roquette / France
 Pierre Vogel  "Drugs and high-value-added materials from agricultural left-overs", Lausanne / Switzerland

 Robert Rastall

“Carbohydrate-based functional food ingredients”, University of Reading / UK

 Robert Woods "Computational simulations applied to carbohydrate    vaccines optimization", Georgia / USA
 Shinichi Kitamura "Linear and Cyclic Amyloses: Beyond Natural", Invitation accepted, Osaka / Japan

 Slawomir Jarosz

“What can be done from sucrose? Towards macrocyclic receptors with sucrose scaffold”, Polish Academy of  Sciences / Poland

 Soledad Penades "Glyconanomaterials and applications", San Sebastian / Spain

 Stefan Oscarson

“The use of microbial polysaccharides as vaccines – possibilities, problems and prospects”, University College Dublin / Ireland

 Thierry Benvegnu

“Green sugar-based surfactants and monomers from marine resources”, École Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes / France

 Vladimir Kren "Bioprocessing of natural products with glycosidases", Prague / Czech Republic

Closing Lecture
Frieder Lichtenthaler

"Carbohydrates as organic raw materials: The major challenges ahead", Technische Universität Darmstadt / Germany